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FREE TAX REVIEW – last 3 years! We specialize in real estate taxation, small businesses, and tax intervention. We uncover missed deductions/tax credits and have helped many taxpayers reduce tax debts, penalties, recover hundreds of thousands in tax refunds back from the IRS and the CA FTB.

We are honest, detailed, and expertly qualified. If you have sold, short sold, or foreclosed on the property with cancellation of debt, 0chances are you have overpaid in taxes. If you are paying IRS notices and back taxes, we can also help reduce that. Email us for a free tax review today! First Come, First Served.

We speak English, Chinese, Taiwanese.

Real Estate Expert

Annie is a Real Estate Broker and founder of AC Investment Realty specializing in commercial and investment properties

She is an expert in real estate taxation, having taught thousands of investors, including CPAs, attorneys, and real estate agents how to minimize their taxes through real estate taxation strategies and legal loopholes.

As a real estate investor herself, Annie has owned over 11 properties in the past, she is expertly qualified in the area of real estate, with practical and well-grounded advice.


Small Business Tax

20+ Years Knowledgeable, Experienced CPA

Maximize your tax benefits, Reduce liabilities

Tax Intervention

Reduce tax debts, penalties,

Tax refunds recovery from IRS and the CA FTB. 

Real Estate Taxation

Specialize in real estate taxation

Uncover missed deductions/tax credits.


Annie's services include tax planning, tax consulting, tax intervention, tax representation, entity structuring, and tax preparation.

Expert in tax representation and knows how to amend your tax return properly to minimize or reverse taxes. She knows how to audit proof your taxes and defend you successfully in audits.

Expert on tax credits, Annie can help you as she has helped others in the past, gain thousands in tax refunds through tax return amendments.

Helps legitimately eliminate or minimize taxes as a result of Cancellation of Debts (COD’s), amending returns to help reverse thousands in taxes.

One of the foremost authorities on real estate taxation and can help review your return to see if you have refunds due back.

Annie has helped many troubled property owners, whether homeowners or investors, who have lost their homes and properties through short sales or foreclosures.

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Having you review our past income tax returns and file amendments was the smartest move we’ve made recently. Because of your expertise and gentle persistence, over seventy thousand of Federal and State tax dollars were refunded to us. And, I always felt that you really cared about us.  I know you fought for every dime and were truly our advocate.  Thank you, so much.

Jacqueline, West Covina, CA (Human Resources Director)

“I just want to say thank you, Annie!  As you know my wife decided to file our taxes the last few years with a large well know tax Preparation Company. Unfortunately they are not very knowledgeable when it comes to investor type returns. Having some concerns with accuracy of our returns, I decided to call Annie.  Annie was able to amend our returns for the previous few years. Instead of having to pay tax collection bills for the prior few years, all that was reversed. Instead, we received more than ten thousand back in total! We can’t express our gratitude enough and just want you to know that you have gained our loyalty, gratitude and continued business!  Thank you Again, Annie!”

Walter, Los Angeles, CA (realtor)

Going through divorce, bankruptcy, and losing multiple properties to foreclosure all at the same time was the most stressful time of my life.  Filing a tax return that reflects all of these aspects is not an easy task, but come tax time it is the only thing I don’t stress about because of Annie and her knowledge and expertise. I’m so lucky to have her!

Julie (Investor) Orange County, CA

My husband and I thought we were millionaires until the real estate market went into the toilet. We ended up with short sales, and foreclosures. It has taken us years to eliminate the financial drain of the upside down properties… and can finally start to breathe again. If it were not for Annie Chen we would have been paying taxes on income instead of balancing off our losses. We strongly recommend anyone that is in need of expert help to look no further.

Scott and Janice, Laguna Hills, CA (realtor)

“When my husband and I short sold our home last year, one of our main concerns was the overwhelming task of filing our taxes properly. Annie did all the research for us and made the process so simple! Then, when we received some important short sale documents after already filing our taxes, Annie helped us amend our return quickly and with no problems. It was such a relief to have her expertise in this matter!” 

Jackie, Osage, WY (Pastor’s Wife)

Thank you Annie!  Due to your diligence, thorough knowledge of tax law, extensive research, perseverance, and professionalism my husband and I were able to receive $7k more in amended tax return.  I will forever be your client 🙂   Thank you.

Irma, Anaheim, CA (investigator)

With regard to the eight rental properties we owned from 2007 – 2010, Mark and I feel you helped us tremendously. Because we were not knowledgeable in the area of the tax laws, we feel your expertise helped us during these years to offset our tax liabilities with rental property expenses with write-offs unknown to us. Further, we feel you cared about us as people not just as clients because you took the time to explain different aspects of real estate investing knowledge that we were naive to. We thank you for you time, assistance, and support.

Mark and Denise, Fontana, CA (Teacher)


“As an attorney and a real estate broker, I’ve attended hundreds of educational seminars. This was definitely one of the best, especially for someone who wants to qualify as a “real estate professional.”

P. Lamm, Attorney, Newport Coast, CA

“Great overview of real estate tax. Finally got the answer to what it takes to be a real estate professional. I have learned more in one day about real estate investing that I have learned in the past 6 years of real estate investing.”

JD, School Teacher West Hills, CA

“This is the most thoughtful and detailed explanation on becoming a real estate professional. Annie teaches about this subject and everything else about taxes and the real estate investor in the RIGHT way!”

N. Dy Sales Consultant Chula Vista, CA

“What I learned today will save me over $150K annually by getting the full benefit of allowable tax deductions!”

SS, CIO CB Richard Ellis Irvine, CA

“It is obvious Annie has a lot of info to offer and is very skilled at presenting this info. I really liked the “getting organized” section of the material. It really is a simple and well organized system. I would highly recommend this class to anyone buying property before you get into trouble.“

TR, Project Manager Escondido, CA

“Great overview of variety of topics, depreciation, PAL, 1031, accounting, a roadmap for smarter investing; nice focus on questions and individual issues. It’s wonderful to find such a credible and knowledgeable advisor!”

D. Swanson, HR Director Sony Poway, CA

“26 years in the Real Estate Industry & have heard and learned from the best! Annie’s presentation is the BEST of the BEST!”

M. Ward Loan Broker Delta Lending

“Annie gave the full perspective on how to reduce my taxes. She is ethical yet aggressive. Incredible information!”

DH, Corporation Owner Encino, CA

Spectacular! I have no background in business or accounting, but Annie made complicated tax and accounting advice very understandable and user-friendly. Great, easy-to-use handouts and audio visual presentation.

JS, Physician Beaumont, CA

“Annie’s presentation and knowledge is awesome! You can hear the “ka-ching” of money flowing in as you utilize her strategies.”

PC Keller Williams Realty Irvine, CA

“Very informative presentation with excellent strategic advice for maximizing tax deductions and minimizing taxes paid.

“It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep,” and Annie does a great job of teaching you how to keep more!”

PS, Auditor San Diego, CA

This is amazing! I have never seen any CPA teach with this much information in one day; so neatly organized. I would recommend to any real estate investor or professional, especially the beginners.

RP Accountant Thousand Oaks, CA

“I highly recommend Annie Chen’s tax seminar to all real estate professionals. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience in this field. Annie is an outstanding teacher, and she has a great passion for her subject.”

G. Laturno Attorney Dept of Real Estate CPE Instructor Lemon Grove, CA

“Annie is very detailed oriented and wants us to understand accounting and real estate and getting the most out of your taxes. No one has been this accurate.”

MN, Retired Laguna Niguel, CA

At this seminar, I learned more practical information that lowered the taxes I owe than all the other seminars I’ve attended.

KS Sales Riverside, CA

This was the most informative seminar on taxes I’ve ever attended!! I enjoyed so much the information you shared with us; your knowledge in the field is unparalleled to other Accountants I talked in the past.

NR, Realtor Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I have attended tax seminars the past 25+ years and this seminar was the best and most informative that I have ever attended.”

PL Retired Los Angeles, CA

Annie’s seminar gave us the confidence to move forward on additional property purchases after sharing tax strategies that reduced our tax liabilities. We are much more comfortable understanding the complexities of property taxes.

MC Hotel Manager Orange, CA

Annie is extremely organized and efficient in her presentation. Her energy level remains high throughout the entire 8 hour! Very professional! Annie delivers non-stop information which keeps you on the edge of your feet! Great energy level!

MJ, AVP Finance, Diamond Bar, CA

“The seminar was phenomenal. Everything Annie presented will assist any real estate investor in many aspects of the investment business – taxes, accounting, asset protection, bookkeeping.”

DV, Building Manager Chula Visa, CA

Awesome! Annie is organized, smart, and incredibly knowledgeable. I’ve read thick books by alleged experts that taught me less than her 8 hour seminar.

JB Manager Oceanside, CA

“I have taken many seminars before and by far this seminar has been the best. Annie is a highly motivated and energetic individual who gives us the real meaty details. I have learned to reduce stress by organizing my paperwork, and to use QuickBooks at record keeping, which helps with auditing. I have learned how to reduce my taxes. If you want to understand how money in real estate works for you and gain an understanding of taxes, take the seminar! Thank you Annie!”

DY, Business Owner Chino Hills, CA

“Annie clarified many misconceptions I had regarding claiming the “RE Professional Status.” I am about to begin investing. Annie’s content helped me to avoid making some very serious and expensive mistakes. Her presentation skills are amazing—she maintained enthusiasm throughout the entire day while providing extremely valuable information. Wow! Thank you Annie!”

RH, Consultant Pharmacist Los Angeles, CA

Wow! I was engaged and awake for 8 hours. Annie Chen is outstanding! Brilliant! She de-mystifies the accounting jargon for the lay person. IRS! Here I come! This workshop was very beneficial. I would recommend this to everyone.

NW CEO Covina, CA

“Having a tax strategist on your team is critical to success. Taxes are our biggest expense in life! Annie’s material is the best I’ve experienced and has saved me thousands of dollars over the years.”

C Cushman Real Estate Mentor Irvine, CA

“Extensive info. Everything was detailed and well organized. Loved it. Annie was personable, easy to talk to and very willing to help and guide. In fact, I will take this seminar again and refer it to all my friends. I should have taken this [class] first.”

CP, Stage Manager Warner Bros TV Show Los Angeles, CA

This class provided out my lack of knowledge and filled in the blanks that will reciprocate in literally thousands of dollars, positively to my bottom line. Thank you Annie!!!

RE, Grocery Management Moreno Valley, CA

“Annie doesn’t sell, she tells it straight. She’s deeply invested both personally and financially in the everyday events in both the real estate and tax fields, making her a wonderful world of important information. I think I have a strong knowledge base but I recognize someone who has more and can save me money!”

ST, Advertising Executive Sherman Oaks, CA

“If one wants to own real estate this is a must seminar. It will help you before, during, and after you purchase your property. Well worth the time and money. You will leave wanting to know even more about the topics covered!”

TO Owner Innovatec

Great and informative seminar with both beginner level and more sophisticated information – something for everyone. Great job!

YO Real Estate Attorney North Hollywood, CA

The extent and depth of the information!! Awesome!! I think that the seminar should be required for all people that buy real estate!

GB Senior Appraiser Newport Beach, CA

“Of all the real estate seminars I’ve taken, this one has been the best. I feel like I am walking away with more detailed and specific knowledge. Most seminars give general information which requires much more research.”

LT Van Nuys, CA

Certainly a wealth of information that will increase our personal wealth through tax deductions. Thank you!

PU President San Clemente, CA

“I learned that I need to be more organized. I liked that Annie shared her personal tips for organization. This seminar had more information than any other seminars I have attended. And the information was practical and useful.”

KB, Attorney Los Angeles, CA

“The Annie Chen CPA Inc. Zero Tax Seminar was brilliantly written and delivered. When it comes to tax information it is easy to get overwhelmed and shut down. This seminar was set up and delivered in a way that kept my attention and understanding throughout the entire course. The reference materials provided will help greatly when I review this seminar at home. I also loved the fact we could follow along with the slide presentation with the binders provided! Thank you for the amazing details!”

AG Entrepreneur Vista, CA

I’m looking forward to doing my taxes for the first time. Maybe I should call Dr. Phil to see if I’m sick.

LS Commercial Appraiser Huntington Beach, CA

“I learned how to review my income tax return & see how my LLC flow through works. Thank you! Thank you for your personal observations

on specific customer circumstances. It helped reinforce my ability to spot positive cash flow deals. I am better than my husband gives me credit for!!”

CS Bakersfield, CA

“Annie does a wonderful job at taking complicated issues and explaining them in simple terms. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and articulate. A MUST seminar for anyone who owns investment real estate or is planning to.”

M. Peters Newport Coast, CA

I dove deep into real estate investing about nine years ago never imagining that the real estate market would crash within a few years.  My saving grace has been having Annie Chen as a CPA over those 9 years.  She was extraordinarily meticulous about capturing all expenses and losses that were legally possible.  When I found myself having to short-sale or foreclose, her expertise allowed me to use those losses and other strategies to pay no taxes as I closed out each property.  I highly recommend Annie to anyone who would like the assistance of a highly ethical, hardworking and intelligent CPA.

Leonor, Boston, MA (Harvard Dean)