Annie Chen CPA

FREE TAX REVIEW – last 3 years! We specialize in real estate taxation, small businesses, and tax intervention. We uncover missed deductions/tax credits and have helped many taxpayers reduce tax debts, penalties, recover hundreds of thousands in tax refunds back from the IRS and the CA FTB.

We are honest, detailed, and expertly qualified. If you have sold, short sold, or foreclosed on the property with cancellation of debt, 0chances are you have overpaid in taxes. If you are paying IRS notices and back taxes, we can also help reduce that. Email us for a free tax review today! First Come, First Served.

We speak English, Chinese, Taiwanese.

Real Estate Expert

Annie is a Real Estate Broker and founder of AC Investment Realty specializing in commercial and investment properties

She is an expert in real estate taxation, having taught thousands of investors, including CPAs, attorneys, and real estate agents how to minimize their taxes through real estate taxation strategies and legal loopholes.

As a real estate investor herself, Annie has owned over 11 properties in the past, she is expertly qualified in the area of real estate, with practical and well-grounded advice.

Annie's services include tax planning, tax consulting, tax intervention, tax representation, entity structuring, and tax preparation.

Expert in tax representation and knows how to amend your tax return properly to minimize or reverse taxes. She knows how to audit proof your taxes and defend you successfully in audits.

Expert on tax credits, Annie can help you as she has helped others in the past, gain thousands in tax refunds through tax return amendments.

Helps legitimately eliminate or minimize taxes as a result of Cancellation of Debts (COD’s), amending returns to help reverse thousands in taxes.

One of the foremost authorities on real estate taxation and can help review your return to see if you have refunds due back.

Annie has helped many troubled property owners, whether homeowners or investors, who have lost their homes and properties through short sales or foreclosures.

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